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  • Kathmandu Valley
    Kathmandu itself the capital of Nepal iis a valley of himalays and the gift of Historical monuments, temples, museums ,arts,etc.The local life including busy city life of the valley is a unique part to see and learn .The valley is inspiring to visit through foot or long trips to the terraced hill to get the taste of heavenly natural sites.
  • whitewater-rafting-nepal
    Top recommendations for a rampant rafting in Nepal Blessed vastly with miscellany of rivers and blissful environment, Nepal, at the base of Himalaya has the whole lot to grab the paramount out of rafting. Its glittering white water has been thoroughly provoking for a passionate tourist with an intention of extreme adventure. In fact, one can enjoy trips of ...
  • Momo
    Delights of tasting the Nepali Momos Momo is a fantastic spicy lolly with the perfect shape to fit well within the mouth perfectly complemented by the spice plummeting impudence. Dietetic, pocket friendly, and easy to prepare and eat, all these characteristics perfectly meet with Momos. It’s very hard to control the tongue witnessing a perfectly garnished...
  • thakali-people-of-nepal
    Thakali: The community of renowned traders The Thakali community in Nepal basically refers to the renowned traders of Mustang. Being specific, they belong to the Thaka Kola zones, hence such naming convention. Especially, the Thak-sat-se is considered the region with cultural importance among Thakali community. You can find them predominantly along the sout...
  • Kathmandu City tours
    Kathmandu tour is one of the most popular sightseeing tour in Nepal. Kathmandu city is the capital city of Nepal and is considered as heart of Nepal. Kathmandu valley contains three fabled cities, Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Kathmandu city has an artistic exposition of graceful temples, elegant palaces, brick paved courtyards and giant streets.
  • Nepal After the Earthquake: Is i...
    By Bill FinkDecember 4, 2015The Namche Bazaar, once packed with travelers, was mostly empty on this day even though it’s open for business since the April earthquake. (Photo: Bill Fink)In April 2015, Nepal suffered a devastating 7.8 earthquake that killed over 9,000 people (including 19 on the slopes of Mt. Everest), destroyed buildings, infrastructure, and cr...

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  • Pokhara-street-festival-Nepal

    Pokhara Street Festival

    January 28, 2016 - January 1, 2017

    Street festival Pokhara: Bolstering the bonanza of good times/holidays Street festivals don’t necessarily be the grand galas in western countries. Asia is also having its answer for the celebrative occasions like this. Come down Nepal during the New Year days, and you will be witnessing a fascinating Pokhara street. Being specific, Lakeside gets juvenile during...

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