Buddhist Meditation

Buddhist Meditation

buddhist meditation retreat in nepal


Nepal has been one of the spiritual capitals, especially for Buddhist Meditation. It is blessed with some amazing retreats, where you can feel every second of your breathing. The line-up is dedicated for those who are in pursue of such retreats. Check it out!

Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana means to see things as they really are. Vipassana Meditation provides a deep pool of peace and harmony within and leads to the end of suffering ultimately. Ten-day courses in the ancient meditation practice as taught by S.N. Goenka are offered in the major cities of Nepal. There are no charges for the courses, because the technique itself is invaluable. All costs are covered by donations from previous students. For more details, please visit: http://www.dhamma.org.np/

Kopan Monastery

Kopan Monastery is no doubt one of the most crowded destinations for mediation, especially being in Kathmandu. Unarguably, they employ the most practiced guides offering the lessons. Being specific, Mahayana Buddhism has been something the exclusivity with them. They are a team of highly adorable people having the knack to offer you the real quality time. From Kathmandu, any communication means can make you available with the place. For more details visit: www.kopanmonastery.com/

Fees and Accommodation

The minimum price for single living or private living is about twelve dollars. If it’s a double bed private room, then the minimal price is just eight dollars.
Going on a share bathroom basis, the minimal price for a single bed is seven dollars, and for a double bed is six dollars. If it is a multiple bed sharing zone, then you can have at just 3.5 dollars as well. A lunch costs you 2.40 dollars and dinner about 1.30 dollars. Obviously, both lunch and dinner are vegetarian.

Himalaya Buddhist Meditation Centre

It’s a real treat here to spend time. Particularly, the meditation programs in Thamel have been attention dragging since years. In fact, they have scholarship programs as well for special cases. Apart from the vocational, you can be a part of their full-time programs as well. The teachers here are thoroughly adept in taking care of the fundamental parts.

Fees and accommodation

You can’t have a package at a cheaper tag as of here. A complete accommodation and food below five dollars is simply unbelievable, which is a fact here. Sometimes, they come up with the exclusive offers at just about nine dollars, through which you can enjoy a half day unique meditation course. Offering mostly a free accommodation, they hardly have any exclusive rooms.


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