It’s simply ridiculous to see humans yell a lot about freedom, and still nourish fear. If you are not audacious, there is fear well settled inside you at some corner. What can be a better option than canyoning to kick hard the fear! For those hunk hearts in Nepal, looking for best canyoning options, this compilation is a fantastic stuff. Take a look!

Charaudi Canyon

This is a nice option for those who love canyoning within verdant of nature. Gigantic waterfalls, stubborn rocks offer you thrill and amusement in abundance. In fact, the whole scenario feels like you are on an ecstatic mission, and the nature sprinkles you hard through its pools. Hiking, walking, surfing; everything can be experienced through the quest. The best part is that canyoning goes on throughout the year here, yes even during rainy seasons. You can easily find a company that organizes canyoning trips to this zone.

Chitwan Canyoning

Canyoning bugs in Nepal love the devil zones of Chitwan jungles. Make sure you are not a weak heart; the adventure is always at the extreme side here. This has been one of the finest centers for canyoning through the perfectly packed natural resources. Especially, the gargantuan lush over here make an amazing view being highly inspiring. However, the most challenging part will come when you have to invade through the 140 meter waterfall.

Pokhara Canyoning

This can be a fantastic option for those outside Nepal. The initiation point of expedition is about a couple of hour’s ride from Pokhara. Through the process, you cover Trisuli River and the zones alongside.

Kathmandu Canyoning

You can enjoy canyoning in The Last Resort, 100 km east from kathmandu in the Kodari highway towards Tatopani border.


Canyoning is certainly a brave heart fun; but it’s not a kid’s stuff. Undoubtedly, you need to be aware of certain points. Specifically, one must be careful about the following aspects.
• Make sure you are thoroughly practiced before trying for canyoning the falls.
• Have complete safety ingredients and do a mock drill under the thorough supervision of an authentic trainer.
• Consult a physician about the fitness level prior trying for the rock climbing.
• Don’t be overconfident; remember, it’s an out and out team affair. Hence, follow the team always.
• Check out the blood pressure and heart to stay ensured.
• Make sure the guiding team is thoroughly experienced and are having the skill to let you overcome from a situation, if any inconvenience happens. There is nothing to be embarrassed, as safety should be always the utmost priority.


Like any other adventure activity, Canyoning pricing comes pretty much as a package. There are centers like Paddle Nepal those have daily packs as well. These companies basically charge about 75 dollar for a day. The pricing also depends upon your priority. For example, they charge a bit higher if you wish exclusively the rock canyoning, or climbing.

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