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yoga trek in Nepal

Yoga Trek

Yoga Trekking is a fantastic concept that offers combination of yoga and trekking. Meditation and Yoga during trekking(usually easy treks) in beautiful natural environment gives you a more fulfilling physical exercise and opens the mind for greater relaxation and awareness within. This is a new concept and open for people of all age. One can enjoy the beauty of nature and well-being of Yoga together.

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bird watching tour in Nepal

Bird Watching

The prime reason behind Nepal being a bird hub is that, about thousand kinds of birds reach here every year during winter. However, to take the best out of birding you can’t just stop anywhere in the nation.To grab the full, the following destinations are most recommended. Ensuing you vex free journey, here we present crucial details about visiting these places. Take a look!       

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osho meditation in nepal in taboban

Osho Meditation

Thousands of spiritual seeker from different part of the world come here to take part in week-long and even one month long intensive Osho meditation Programs. Osho Tapoban and Osho Vatika are two most recommended community meditation centers with their branches in different part of the country with accommodation facility.

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buddhist meditation retreat in nepal

Buddhist Meditation

Nepal has been one of the spiritual capitals, especially for Buddhist meditation. Ten-day courses in the ancient meditation practice as taught by S.N Goenka are offered in the major cities of Nepal. There are no charges for the courses, because the technique itself is invaluable. All costs are covered by donations from previous students.

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ultralight-flight-in Neoal Pokhara

Ultralight Flying

Being specific, Pokhara is the prime destination for all sorts of Ultralight rides in Nepal to enjoy the dazzling sights of the peaks, countryside, and lakes. You can enjoy the commercial ultralight flight here in Pokhara, Nepal in all of Asia. Different package of Ultralight flight from 15 minutes to 90 minutes are available here at different cost.

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If hill stations are considered the most complimentary honeymoon destination, then Nepal as a country itself is a hill station. It’s not all about the natural resources though; Nepal takes flawless care of the saga between newly made couples by arranging each amenity, starting from the communication facilities to the hotels and restaurants.

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Honey Hunting

The best of bee hunting can only be witnessed in Nepal. The reason is pretty apparent though; this antique trick was invented about 10,000 years back here.   The hunters need to reach the gigantic height of about 10,000 feet to invade through the honey buckets. Incredible is something the stringency of these nests

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Community Homestay in Nepal


Community Homestay in Nepal: Offering the homely esteem away from home Community homestay is one of the commendable customs in Nepal, which is pretty atypical, and something that the world relentlessly needs now with the increasing discrimination. Basically, the visitors are welcomed to a personal house to let them live along with the other family [...]
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Zip flyer flying in Pokhara Nepal

Zip Flyer

Adrenaline as experience is, Zip flying in Nepal Honestly, there is no dictionary invented to describe the nerve wrecking views and experiences of zip flying in Nepal. It needs a huge potency and fortitude to dare about the activity. Moving down in the speed of 120 km/hr and all-encompassing sights of Machhapuchre and Annapurna range [...]
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Elephant Polo

Elephant Polo: The Numero Uno in Nepal Nepal and Elephant Polo are quite synonymous. It’s a thoroughly compelling, and pretty much atypical of its kind as well. In fact, people in huge numbers around the corner of the globe gather here to drag the best out of the show. Basically, the game is arranged by [...]
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