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For the most staggering Skydiving in Nepal Skydiving is an exhilarating sport that demands nerve of rock, but at the same time, promises a bohemian experience; something you can call the true way of celebrating freedom, breaking the barriers. The participants downpour from the airliner and reach at a specified point post enjoying the stirring [...]
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Top recommendations for a rampant rafting in Nepal Blessed vastly with miscellany of rivers and blissful environment, Nepal, at the base of Himalaya has the whole lot to grab the paramount out of rafting. Its glittering white water has been thoroughly provoking for a passionate tourist with an intention of extreme adventure. In fact, one [...]
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Golf is one of the majestic games played over the globe. In Nepal, the game has been in a lot of fuss since past two decades. The nation witnessed its first global tournament in 1993, and it was a much buzzed one for involving robust prize amounts. There is a great scope of the game [...]
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It’s simply ridiculous to see humans yell a lot about freedom, and still nourish fear. If you are not audacious, there is fear well settled inside you at some corner. What can be a better option than canyoning to kick hard the fear! For those hunk hearts in Nepal, looking for best canyoning options, this [...]
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bungee jump in Nepal

Bungee Jumping

Nepal has been the marvellous zones for Bunjee Jumping freaks around the globe. The activity has been consistently extreme here. Good news is that it’s absolutely a joy ride this time of three hours from Kathmandu. This most enchanting bungee jumping destination is pretty adjacent to Tibet perimeter. It is here to mention that this is the second highest bungee jumping destination over the globe.

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Nepal Travel Guide. We provide detail information about different places to visit in Nepal, Things to do in Nepal (activities), Festivals of Nepal, People and Culture and every bit of information helpful for your travel in Nepal. We also list local hotels (especially budget hotel). You can book the hotels which we recommended that are not found in any online booking websites.  Welcome to Nepal the country of Mt Everest and Gautam Buddha and enjoy the warm hospitality and culture. Enjoy the trekking, mountains, hills and plains, everything in a small area, very handy to travel.

Elephant Safari

Are you a wildlife lover? Do you love exploring different species of plants and animals? If yes, then without any delay start planning a trip to Nepal for an Elephant Safari in one of the National Parks of Nepal. Prepare yourself to encounter the endangered Rhinos, Tigers, Crocodiles and Birds in the beautiful Himalayan country, Nepal. [...]
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