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Yoga Trek

Yoga Trekking is a fantastic concept that offers combination of yoga and trekking. Meditation and Yoga during trekking(usually easy treks) in beautiful natural environment gives you a more fulfilling physical exercise and opens the mind for greater relaxation and awareness within. This is a new concept and open for people of all age. One can enjoy the beauty of nature and well-being of Yoga together.

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Osho Meditation

Thousands of spiritual seeker from different part of the world come here to take part in week-long and even one month long intensive Osho meditation Programs. Osho Tapoban and Osho Vatika are two most recommended community meditation centers with their branches in different part of the country with accommodation facility.

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Buddhist Meditation

Nepal has been one of the spiritual capitals, especially for Buddhist meditation. Ten-day courses in the ancient meditation practice as taught by S.N Goenka are offered in the major cities of Nepal. There are no charges for the courses, because the technique itself is invaluable. All costs are covered by donations from previous students.

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