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People of Nepal

Ethnic diversity of Nepal Nepal has been exemplary in terms of chaining the people having diverse traditions and existence varying from the historic era to the contemporary digital era within a single thread. Incredible to see the way such eclectic mindsets are gathered with a common national identity in a really peaceful way. It feels [...]
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Limbu groups of people basically belong to the eastern parts, along the rocky zones of Nepal between Arun and Mechi River. Apart from this, they are also spread within southern Tibet, Burma, Bhutan and certain Indian territories like Darjeeling, Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland, and Burma. They are also considered under Kirati community. Limbus count about more [...]
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Sherpa: The inhabitants of the Everest The most distinguishing part about the Sherpa community is that they don’t have any surname. Call it unity or whatever, but this is incredible. Literally one can get about their geographical location. Splitting Sherpa, Sher means east and Pa means people. In short, Sherpa means people from the east. [...]
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Thakali: The community of renowned traders The Thakali community in Nepal basically refers to the renowned traders of Mustang. Being specific, they belong to the Thaka Kola zones, hence such naming convention. Especially, the Thak-sat-se is considered the region with cultural importance among Thakali community. You can find them predominantly along the south regions of [...]
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Fun loving, artistic and traditional Tamangs in Nepal Tamang groups of people are mostly found along the Himalayan territories of Nepal. However, their inherited region is known as Tamasaling. They are residing in the northern part of Kathmandu valley. The conventional Buddhist Tamang is considered the biggest Tibeto-Burman ethnic communities in Nepal. They count about [...]
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Much developed Newari culture in Nepal Newari tradition is considered one of the most influential ones among all in Nepal. This populace of the Kathmandu valley and the zones adjacent to it are said to be having great hands in momentous civilization in the nation. Newari populations count about 1.4 millions in Nepal. The particular [...]
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Dolpo Pa

The Dolpo Pa communities are basically considered the groups of people involved in agriculture trading in Dolpa, one of the zones at northwest of Nepal. Being a traveler, you can identify them as the people with a group of yaks at the very peak of Himalayan zones. Literally, Dolpo is the name of that region [...]
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 Tharu Culture in Nepal: Tharu immune to Malaria. Tharu people indigenous to Terai region of Nepal are rich in Culture value. Enjoy Tharu Home-stay in Nepal. Enjoy their dance, see the living styles. Tharu people are immune to Malaria.

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