Chitlang Village

Chitlang Village

Chitlang Village is an ancient Newar Community settlement in Makwanpur District of Nepal. It is just 27 km (2 hours’ drive away) southwest of Kathmandu at the altitude of 2000 m. This beautiful village carries history dating back to Licchavi era (500 BC).

Upon arrival to the villager, you will be warmly welcomed by the community in their traditional way. After refreshment, you can tour the village. The Trout Fish Farm, old high school, Goat Cheese Factory, Ashoka Stupa and & stone taps are local attraction around the village.

Three days stay time is ideal to explore Chitlang Village. You can hike to Swachhanda Bhairav Temple and Taleju temple. You can also visit to Bhaleshwor Mahadev, about 2-3 hrs hike up the hill from where you can see view of the great Himalayan range.

In the evening, you can enjoy culture program and end you day with local delicious dishes.

The accommodation is simple but comfortable with clean unattached bathroom.

Cost: They charge Rs 1000 ($10) per night including lodging and meals.

How to reach Chitlang Village Community Homestay:

You can reach Chitlang direcly either by local transport or private vehicle in mere 2 hour.
If you love hiking then you can chose a second option. Drive to Godham Chowk (Thankot) and from Thankot hike through the Chandagiri Hill to reach Chitlang Village in 3.5 hours.

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