Community Homestay in Nepal: Offering the homely esteem away from home

Community homestay is one of the commendable customs in Nepal, which is pretty atypical, and something that the world relentlessly needs now with the increasing discrimination. Basically, the visitors are welcomed to a personal house to let them live along with the other family members. This very favored form of welcoming the guests is something that makes Nepal’s pride. Through the process, one can be best aware of the native traditions and beliefs.

The pocket friendly way to discover Nepal:

This is one of the most prolific ways of discovering Nepal. The budget involved is incredibly less, that is the reason that the concept is immensely growing here. At the same time, you get the love and adore of the family, which is simply most precious. Rather than staying at a hotel and having woos of budget in mind, homestays are definitely much cheaper.

Community Homestays in village are recommended:

Although, family in the cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara offer homestay to the tourist, we recommend you the Community homestays offered in the village, to explore their lifestyle, livelihood, hospitality and culture. A community of villagers can start the homestay program after meeting minimum basic standard as specified by the government.

You will get unique opportunity to experience the rich culture of people closely, connect with them and the best thing is you will contribute directly to the rural economy and people in need.

To make it easy for you, we have broadly classified the community homestay in Nepal into two categories namely: Community Homestay in the Hills and Community homestay in the Terai ( Southern lowlands).

Community Homestay in the Hills:

Basically, these homestays lies at some thousand meters altitude and has cool temperature. Village lies at the top of the hill or in the hill slope. You can enjoy the hike to the hill, birds and vegetation on the trail and the beautiful scenery of the Great Himalayan range. Below are some popular Community Homestays in the Hills:

Chitlang Village :
Just 27 km southwest of Kathmandu, Chitalng is an ancient Newar Village that carries some history of 500 B C.

Sirubari Village Community Homestay :
Located in Syangja district southwest of pokhara, Sirubari is a Gurung village offering Community Homestay. It is the oldest village to offer Community Homestay in 1997 AD.

Ghale Gaun Community Homestay :
Ghale Gaun is the best to experience the village homestay in Nepal, it is located in Lamjung. As it lies along the famous Annapurna Circuit trail, it is the most crowed.

Community Homestay in Terai:

Terai is southern plan of Nepal bordering to India. Temperature is warm here.  Mainly Tharu Community offers  homestay in this region. Wildlife activities like Jungle safari, fishing etc are the main attraction in these region other then the rich culture of Tharu. There is difference in Tharu culture as we move from east to west, so don’t think that all homestays in Terai region are same, though all are Tharu community homestays.

Barauli Village Tharu Community Homestay:
Barauli village is a Tharu village near Chitwan National Park in Chitwan, Nepal . The village offers community homestays for the visitors with well-maintained huts with attached bathroom.

Dalla Village Community Homestay in Bardiya:
If you are visiting to Bardia National Park for wildlife adventure, you can choose Dalla Village Community Homestay for your accommodation. Around 24 houses in the village offer Homestay to visitors.

Bhada Village Community Homestay:
Located 17 kilometers east of Dhangadhi (Far Western Nepal), some eighteen houses offers community homestay in the Bhada Village. You can ride on a Bullock from Chaumala of East-West Highway to reach the village.


In short, Homestay in Nepal is like a home away of home. It’s a great way of defining the human love, hospitality, and being social.

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