Achham is one of the remotest districts of Nepal. It is very rich in natural resources and has many forts. Most of the area of the district lies on mid-hill and few lies on high-hill. Karnali, Budhiganga and Kailash are main rivers flowing in the district.

Achham district is one of the districts of Seti zone with an area of 1692 sq. km. Mangelsen serves as the district headquarters of Achham district. It bordes with Kalikot and Dailekh districts to the East, Doti district to the West, Bajura and Bajhang districts to the North and Surkhet district of Bheri zone to the South.

Subsistence agriculture farming, mainly small stock livestock is the main source of occupation and livelihood of the majority of the population, with 61% of the population active in this sector.

The predominant cultures in this district are Nepali, Gurung, Maithali, Limbu, Bhojpuri and Tamang.


As a result of elevation differences, the district has four different types of climates: tropical up to 1200 m where temperature increases more than 30°C, subtropical from 1200 m to 2100 m, temperate from 2100 m to 3300 m and alpine above 3300 m. The annual rainfall is about 1891 mm and temperature varies from 5°C to 30°C.


It is accessible by automobile from Kathmandu and Nepalgunj via a paved road that runs along the western border of Nepal from Dhangadhi takes you to Achham district. A seasonal road exists from Sanphebazar to Mangalsen but it os often closed during monsoon.

Tourist Attraction Centers


Gajara is a village in Achham district and it is a populated locality. It is about 267 mi (or 430 km) west of Kathmandu, the capital city if the country. The estimated terrain elevation of Gajara above sea level is 961 m.


Mangalsen is a municipality as well as the administrative headquarters of Achham district. Mangalsen is eight hours walk and two and half hour drive from Sanphebagar (a town in Achham).


Ramaroshan is famous for its 12 wetlands and 18 flatlands. The altitude of the area varies from 2050 m to 3792 m from the sea level.

The area lies in the middle of three districts: Achham, Bajura and ikot. There are huge flatlands adjoining the hills and lakes from where one can go on a hike to nearby district.

Ramaroshan is a natural habitat of birds like danphe, munal, kalij, dhukur, etc and different wild animals such as tiger, deer, wild boar, etc. dwell here. Apart from birds and animals, the area is covered by different varieties of flora and some huge streams.