Located in Mahakali Zone, Baitadi District covers an area of 1,519 sq. km. It lies in the far western region of Nepal. Dasrathchand serves as the district headquarters of Baitadi District.

Locally known as Garhi, Baitadi Bazaar is situated on the southern slopes of Shahi Lekh (1,611 m). There are some government offices and about two dozen shops with a small park dedicated to martyr Dasarath Chand. The commercial activity is very minimal, compared to the nearby Pithoragarh, about 7 kilometers west across the border in India. It is, however, on the main trail from Jhulaghat part of Dadeldhura, Doti and Bajhang. Jhulaghat is an important trade outlet for some of the far western districts.

Baitadi touches Jhulaghat, India, the neighboring country of Nepal, to its border. Being parts of Kumaun then Baitadi was ruled by Chand Kings of Kumaun before 1791 and then after it became the part of Nepal.


Baitadi is accessible via a road that connects remote villages of Baitadi district in far western Nepal, providing communities with better access to markets, health centers, schools and other key facilities.

Places to Visit

Ninglasaini Bhagawati Temple

This temple is situated in Baitadi and one of the main temples in Baitadi and devotees from far villages visit this temple throughout the year and devotees rush to the temple during the festival season.

Mahakali River

Mahakali River is one of the famed rivers in the town and this river serves with adequate water for irrigation to populace of this region and this river flows from mountain to nearby villages.

Baitadi Bazaar

This is one of the famed bazaars in Baitadi district and populace from faraway villages visit this bazaar to purchase the goods and fresh vegetables, fruits and other house hold goods and it is crowded every Sunday.