Hill station bundling the natural beauty, traditional distinction, and contemporary choices perfectly

Staying at a quiet hilltop, and easily reachable, Bandipur is a must-go hill station. The snaky colonies presenting the typical architecture patterns are difficult to be found elsewhere. It’s incredible to see and kudos the way people over here has maintained the time-honored Newari system Culture the contemporary touch.

Beautiful Bandipur

Being situated at an altitude of 1030 meters over encumbering heaps, it becomes a perfect tourist destination, moreover an awesome hill station. The rapturous view of river valleys here at about seven hundred meters below offers a sublime feeling. Dawn sight through the hugging antique buildings, and from the rear end of sharp tumble down, perfectly accompanied by the picturesque gardens can only be witnessed from Bandipur. More interestingly as a tourist, the above scenic sights can be enjoyed from your hotel balconies. In short, if you wish visiting hill station that perfectly bundles the cultural bests and offers an incredible ambience, then Bandipur is a must recommendation.


There should be no issue regarding transportation as Bandipur is about four hours quest from Kathmandu, and about one and half hour from the adventure hub Pokhara. Your first stop is Dumbre in Kathmandu-Pokhara highway (Prithivi Highway), and 7 km road up the mountain to Bandipur in 20 mins from Dumbre. One can even relax as a newbie here; the credit of which goes to the extremely endearing people and the very adept tourist guides. Having the minimal population (just about 16,000) is also a reason that everything can be made available in plenty at an affordable price for the tourists. It has been one of the crucial zones for the Tibetan visitors as well.

Life and Tradition

Mythology experts have always found Bandipur as a special place. Exemplary architectures even of eighteenth century are alive at its very grandeur here. Some restaurant owners have even designed their place in accordance. Talking about the lifestyle and source of income, most of the people here are quite busy with farming. Eclectic range of farming products have been the most significant niche of the traders. In fact, the ancient Newari people (the originators of Newari culture) hold a great reputation of being great traders. Moreover, they (Newari) used to be dominating these regions through their brilliant business tactics.
Being naturally blessed with the most juvenile weather, one can visit here during any part of the year. Well, it would be better not to travel during the monsoon. Otherwise, visiting here especially anywhere between October-April can offer you the experience of lifetime.