Bhedetar is a small hill top town in Eastern Nepal. It is about 1,420m above the sea level, mostly foggy weather during winter but great place to be during non-winter months with cool relaxing temperature and great view of the Himalayas and the Southern plains.

It is a stopover place for all the vehicles traveling through this hill town, be it morning tea or afternoon snack. It is also a gateway to Limbu villages of Rajarani (King Queen), Okhrae and Chaubise. There are also few numbers of small restaurants, shops and decent hotels.

Bhedetar in itself there is nothing much, it is popular more with the people, the word of mouth than the place has to offer. In the early 80’s Prince Charles did also paid a visit to view the progress and construction of Koshi Highway, giving the little bumpy hill an Englishman’s first name “Charles Point.”

It is famous for its unpredictable weather – a moment it hides itself in the blanket of thick fog and another moment it reveals itself as the crown of urban Dharan.



Due to good road and transport services, this hill top town of Bhedetar has really grown up to become the holiday destination of many local and visitors.

You can drive to Dharan from Kakarbhitta or Biratnagar or a take a flight from Kathmandu to Dharan. From the main bazaar of Dharan, twenty minutes ride takes you to the cool and rejuvenating hill station in Bhedetar. The view from the Charles Point is breathtaking and one cannot think of leaving the place behind and leave.


According to Hotel Association of Nepal (HAM) there are over 35 hotels in Bhedetar. There are 10 more star hotels that are coming up in the area. HAN’s Bhedetar chapter, the hotels in Bhedetar can accommodate up to a thousand tourists at a time.

Adventure in Bhedetar

Bhedetar is not just for a relaxed holiday. The place has something to offer for thrill seekers as well. Nine km down the trail, there is the Namaste Waterfall, which the locals also call Simsuwa. You can take a dip in the cold water or go canoeing in the river. There is also the option of paragliding from Bhedetar to Dharan, one of the biggest cities in the east.