Darchula is one of the districts of Mahakali zone in far western region of Nepal. The district, with Darchula as its headquarters, covers an area of 2,322 sq. km. Darchula is composed up of two words; Dhar meaning edge in Nepali and Chula means fire place.

Legends say that in ancient time Hermit Byas cooked rice on the top of two peaks. Himalayan peaks to look include Byas Rishi Himal. Other connotation connects with the Tibetan word ‘La’ which means hilly bye pass, from where people used to go Tibet.

Its town has an Indian counterpart to its northwest and 2 of its towns are just similar in terms of traditions, cultures and lifestyle of People. Darchula is surrounded by very high mountains forming a valley and Kali River flows through it. It acts as the ancient trading route for the Trans- Himalayan trade routes and now it the main attraction for herbal plant called Yarsagumba.

Nepali, Byasi, Bhote, Doteli are the predominant cultures of Darchula.

Geography and Climate

The district shares its boundary with Bajhang in the east, India in the west, Baitadi and Bajhang in the south and Tibet in the north.

Darchula has variation in climate; tropical, subtropical, cool temperate, mild, temperate and alpine temperature. The maximum temperature is 18.60 °C and the minimum temperature is -7.70 °C. The rainfall is 14.33.8 mm.


Darchula lies in one of the remote areas of country with not good road tracks. Regarding that, Darchula has a small airport providing flights connectivity for many needy passengers in many destinations.

You can take a flight from Kathmandu to Darchula. It takes about one hour to reach there. You can book Nepalgunj to Darchula Flight which will take only 20 minutes to get there. Nepalgunj to Darchula flights will be a comfortable flight saving time, cost and with ease. Darchula is a district headquarters of Darchula District which is located in Far western Development Region of Nepal.

Tourist attraction centers


Khalanga (Darchula) is a town in Api Municipality in Darchula Districtin the Mahakali Zone of western Nepal. It is the district headquarters. The town is located near the Mahakali River which is the border withUttarakhand state, India. Indian and Nepalese nationals cross unrestricted, however there is a customs checkpoint for goods.Here mostly people are western culture.The main caste of this place is Dhami .Including Bhatt, Kshetri, Bhotes. Snd in northern part it connects to Tibet.


Tapoban is a village development committee in Darchula District in the Mahakali Zone of western Nepal.

Api Himal

Although low in elevation among the major mountains of Nepal, Api is exceptional in its rise above local terrain; the surrounding valleys are significantly lower than those surrounding most higher Himalayan peaks.

Api peak’s south face rises 3,300m (10,826 ft.) above its base.