The Mountain valley, intriguing place of lakes, trekking, snows and beautiful vegetation

Manang is a cute place at a whooping elevation of 11,545 feet. The place is not too populated as well with total count being about 7k. Less than five people live in one kilometre square area of the place. Being situated in the beautiful valley of Marshyangdi River, the place has been one of the most attractive tourist attractions. Annapurna mountain being situated to the north of the valley, it’s been one of the prominent trekking destinations. At the west you can have Muktinath shrine as one of the holidaying destination perfectly accompanied by the Gandaki River. However, the most frequent trekking destination of the place is the Chulu East peak standing a huge 21,601 feet tall.

Additional options for trekkers

Trekkers to the popular Aannapurna Circuit trail  pick Manang as their favorite place for taking a halt and for getting acquainted with the climate at such a high elevation. This is so as Manang known for its moderate sun rays, perfectly soothing for an adventurous human with snow curtain of enjoyable extent. In fact, the verdant of crop fields at the north also offer a picturesque view for the tourists.


The best way of reaching to the place would be through the airways or trekking from Beshisahar, Lamjung. There is a small, but useful airport available at about 2.5 kilometers at the east of the place. Apart from this, the flock of yard moving is definitely something refreshing for someone from an industrious world. Offering the desired confidence to the trekkers/tourists, the place is having a healthcare center that is completely dedicated towards the frequently come across diseases in an elevated height.


Tilicho Lake is another recommended place to come across on your visit to Manang. Being situated at an altitude of more than five thousand meters, this is certainly among the lakes at a highest position on the earth. However, the only way you have to reach at the place is certainly through your feet. It takes about one day to reach upon walking from Khangsar. It’s not only the Tilicho Lake though; Manang is having Ganga Purna Lake as well being like a hub for the aquatic beauty. For the extreme adventure freaks in your gang may get thrilled with the Milerepa cave here at the place. If there is enough time in your hand, then Lhasa is also not far away from your reach upon visiting through Muktinath in Mustang (west of Manang).


Manang is not just a place about extreme adventure or action, the peace loving tourists can find it enough striking through the awe-inspiring ecology and gardens. If you are someone who loves to explore the traditions of different people, then the Manang Museum is a fantastic recommendation.

People and facilities

About seventy percent of people here in the place follow Buddhism, and almost rest of others follow Hinduism. People belonging to other religions are very less. Anyway, tourism being one of the prominent affairs of the place, there are adequate number of hotels and restaurants available and charge an affordable amount as well.