Mustang ( Jomsom)

Mustang, the place of vigorous weather, apples, brandy, and spirituality, has been one of the most desirable hill stations on the earth. It won’t be wrong to call the place as the Buddhist capital of Nepal. Especially, one can take a thorough gaze at the Tibetan Buddhist traditions. The place has been one of the most crucial ones for trekking passionate as well. There can’t be any beautiful border really, the way Mustang separates Nepal and Tibet. The chief trekking route today once used to be a blooming business way between the two nations (Nepal and Tibet).

Topography and situation:

Mustang depicts the ancient prosperity of Buddhist. It’s one of the most conspicuous topography, perfectly blended through the partly sterile zones along yawning narrow gorge, mountain shelf, and nicely complemented by hoary tops. From the top, the place looks like to be conquering the Himalayas, and expands its territory to Tibetan zones. Primarily, the Upper Mustang is considered one of the most challenging parts for adventure enthusiasts. In fact, the upper Mustang covers the lion’s part of the entire Mustang area. Despite falling within the territory of Nepal, the place has been quite isolated geographically.

A saintly hub: Muktinath

Anyway, the distinguishing part of the place has been the beautiful unity of Hinduism and Buddhism. Especially, devotees of both Buddhism and Hinduism visit in great numbers to Muktinath every year. Mustang has been one of the most important zones for spiritual enthusiasts touring Pashupatinath and Boudhanath. Pashupatinath is a sacred destination for the Hindus, and Boudhanath holds the same value for the Buddhists.

Prominent Mythological and adventure zones:

The mythologists call round here to reveal the mystics of the gone astray Tibetan kingdom. Specifically, mythologists from China come frequently visit here to wrap off about many historic aspects. Lo Manthang is one of the cities with antique importance. In fact, the district (Mustang) has been named in accordance with the ancient emperor of here, King Mustang.
Primarily, the husky palaces and the nerve wrecking cages offer a distinguishing experience. Mustang has been always one of the premium zones for adventures and trekkers. Trekking along Annapurna circuit is as challenging as breath-taking it is; and something certainly the best feasible to start, than from any other destination. However, the impression making part has been the ease at which camping facilities are made available.

Reaching there

Transportation should never be an issue for Mustang. The place, a part of the Dhaulagiri is one of the few non-coastal zones of the Asia. Being one of the isolated zones, the population here is also quite confined (about only 14,000). Transportation means are available from the headquarters, Jomsom.
The best option for the foreigners would be to visit Pokhara from Kathmandu. From here on, one can easily reach the headquarters Jomsom through roadways and flight.