Myagdi (Beni)

Myagdi (Beni Bazar) is the entry point to Jomsom, Muktinath while travelling from Pokhara, and have the popular trekking destination of Nepal like Poon Hill and Ghorepani.

Chief destinations

Chimkhola VDC

Chimkhola, once was extremely murky as a place due to the extremely dense forests, and was too harsh to even visualize under the sunlight. In fact, Chimkhola literally means a dark place; Chim here means very dark and Khola means river.
The place is encircled by Bega, Darmija, Pakhapani, and Mangale, to the east, south, west and north of the place respectively. Apart from this, the place is the center for enjoying various ecstatic destinations like Sara Khola, Guan Khola, Pani Dakne Dada, etc.
Pani Dakne Dada has also a literal meaning. Pani here means water/rain, and Dakne means to pray. Hence, Pani Dakne Dada name has been given as people over here earlier used to go up to the very peak and beg the God for rain during the drought days in the locality.

Beni Bazar

Beni Bazar is the headquarter of Myagdi District. The place is nicely separated at the place where the two rivers called Kali Gandaki and Myagdi meet. It’s been one of the major zones for spiritualists having the temples like Shiva Temple, Bhagwati Temple and Laxmi Narayan Temple. The place is situated at only fifteen kilometres to the north of Baglung.


Ghorepani is considered the prominent destination for the admittance in to Myagdi and is situated at about 3000 meters from the sea level.

Poon Hill

Poon Hill is a fantastic place for sightseeing having a tower, from which it makes an awesome view to the destinations like Dhaulagiri, Himalayan arrays, Baglung and the mountains in addition with the Phewa Lake, etc.

Paulatsya Aasram

The place which is situated in Pulachaur VDC is having its mentions in the great spiritual/religious/mythological scriptures like the Mahabharata and Ramayana. These great spiritual books have mentioned the Paulatsya Aasram as the destination where the grandchildren of sage Pulatsya were grown. Hence, it became the birth place of devil King Ravana. The place at an elevation of 1,750 meter from the sea level is situated 2 km from north-west of Beni Bazar.

Jagannath Temple

The spiritual place is situated in Pulachaur VDC stands at an elevation of about 2,100 meter from the sea level being at 6 km from west-north from Beni Bazar.

Favorable activities

The adventure freaks can have a nice experience of trekking from Beni to Dana. This is going to be a different experience to cover 33 km distance through a slender way. You will come across with Andha Galchhi in Dana that is considered the innermost ravine over the globe being situated at about 7000 meter from sea level.
Rafting can be a fantastic option as well at the electrifying rivers like Kali Gandaki, Myagdi and Ranghu Ganga.


There are excellent facilities available for accommodation around the bus park but we recommend you to go a bit further to Tatopani as the accommodation here is better and you can enjoy a relaxing dip into natural hot water spring.