Palpa (Tansen)

Pumping you artistically, majestically, and beautifully

Palpa, the replication of Nepal is one of the chief hill stations of the nation. Didn’t get the replication? It’s interesting as a fact that geographically the contour of Palpa resembles accurately as of Nepal. Well, that’s not the only intriguing part; there are many. Unveil all below.

Location and Reaching There

While talking about Palpa, it is primarily referred to be Tansen being the headquarters. Balanced at a staggering high over the sacred Kali Gandaki River, the place creates a significant view from the top. Being situated amidst Butwal and Pokhara, it leaves hardly any doubt regarding the transportation worries.

Live Artistic and Charismatic

Palpa is pretty much influenced by the Newari culture, though some portions of the place can offer you a beam of the middle age snaps. However, views of a day to day living can’t be really any more artistic than the sharp paved paths, along the stilted Newari buildings. Even more distinguishing about these houses is the tangled windows, through which the ecstatic views can be thoroughly witnessed.
It’s always recommended to visit the place during winters, especially to Madi valley. In the cozy making winter morning, the valley being mantled through the pearly fog is worth watching. The concave shaped valley hence is often referred as the ‘White Lake’.

Proud History

Papla is very delighted for its proud history. In fact, it was the capital of very powerful Magar realm. This is considered the most developed realm, which in turn made Palpa the most developed as well. It is said that the era between 16th to 18th centuries was the most developed for Magar kingdom. However, the golden days of Palpa continued even as the Newari traditions continued things perfectly.

Tansen: Station for Best Mountain Views

Among the prominent zones of Palpa, the number of Tansen comes at the top, which is packed with the gargantuan palaces, sacred temples, forts, and some incredible architecture. People in great numbers visit Shrinagar hill as well, to take the best out of the awe-inspiring sights of the Himalayas. One can witness the other prominent mountains like Tukuche, Annapurana, Nilgiri as well from the same zone.

Sacred Zones

Coming to the scared zones, Vhairabsthan temple (where Lord Shiva is worshiped) has been one of the most visited zones. The gigantic Trishul (Trident) is simply electrifying; in fact, considered the biggest in the world.
Rishikesh temple is another spiritually important zone of the nation. It is believed that here a few portions of the holy body of Goddess Sati was disposed as the part of funeral ceremony. A huge crowd accumulate here during the winters (during the month of Magh, according to Hindu calendars) to take the holy bath in Kaligandaki River. The festival observed during the same while is also quite energetic. A similar festival is also observed during early summer at the bank of Kali Gandaki, along the zones of Ramdi.

Regal Parts

Ranighat Palace is considered the symbol of love. People compare the theme behind the purpose of its construction with Tajmahal (in India). It is said that it was constructed by the king Khadka for his wife.
Apart from this, those like Argeli palace, Kalika fort, Bakumgadi fort, Nuwakot fort offer enough regal reasons to visit the place on your tour to Nepal.