Tatopani border

Tatopani border is basically the gateway to China from Nepal. The term “Tatopani” literally means hot water. “Tato” here refers to heated or hot and “Pani” means water. A good number of tourists visit here ton enjoy the spring bath.

Tatopani border is located at 112 km west from Kathmandu at Sindhupalchowk district. You can reach here through the local bus from Old Bus Park or Koteshwor, Kathmandu that leaves for Tatopani along the Araniko Highway.
Another Tatopani which is alike hot water pond is located at Myagdi ( Beni) in the west, on the way to Mustang ( Jomsom). (you willl encounter during your Annapurna Base Camp Trek). However, here we are talking about the Tatopani border which is simply known as Tatopani and lies nearer to Kathmandu.

Beliefs regarding its origin-

It is said that in Tretayung (referred to as the third age of Earth according to Hindu mythology), a sage was on his way to the mountains for getting apology and being purified from sins. However, he couldn’t resist the cold temperature of the place, and made a fissure on the land through his trident. The dig through trident caused the hot waters to appear on the earth. It is also believed that the sage bathed in the water again prior visiting Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Ram.
Famous occasions/festivals:-
Tatopani accumulates a huge crowd during the festivals. The most celebrated days here are the auspicious occasions of Ram Nawami (birth of Lord Ram) and Kartik Sukla Purnima. It is said that the sage, firstly tilled the water out on Karthik Sukla Purnima, and  then he bathed here for the second time on the day of Ram Nawami. Hence, the devotees from all over the world visit here during these days to take a bath and clean their sins.

What not to miss at Taptopani:-

No clue whether the sins really get washed out or not, but it’s a fact that the water here is affluent in Sulphur and Potash content. Such kind of water at Tatopani is effective against the skin related issues and Arthritis. Apart from this, many people with issues in stomach or those like gastritis also have been found to be taking a dig at the hot waters of Taptopani. A great number of people have claimed to have been cured through the bath.
While on a tour to Tatopani, you should also visit Kodari that lies only at the distance of three kilometres. Khasa, a Tibetan market in the border of Tibet ( China) is the prime reason behind such purposeful visit. However, make sure you are having the pass and the authorized citizenship certificate to produce at Chinese security check point at the Tatopani border.
Apart from unique hot water bath, it’s also a very good place as for crazy rafting. Bhotekoshi, the place at the foot of Tatopani is a fantastic place for rafting. There is an ecstatic resort available as well.


Those willing to stay will have no difficulty, as there are enough facilities of hotels available at the destination. However, there is every facility to return Kathmandu on the same day as well post enjoying the place to the fullest.