Dallagaon Community Homestay

Dallagaon Community Homestay

Registered as Khata Biological Corridor Homestay, and locally known as Dallagaun (Dallagaon) Homestay was started in 2011 in some houses of Tharu community of Dalla Village. WWF had supported the local Tharu Community to establish the homestay in their village.

If you are visiting to Bardia National Park for wildlife adventure, you can choose Dalla Village Community Homestay for your accommodation. Around 24 houses in the village offer Homestay to visitors. Prince Harry (from UK) had visited this village and stayed there in homestay for a night in 2016.

You can enjoy various activities like: eye-sighting the rare one-horned rhino in nearby community forest (a buffer zone to the Bardia National Park), excursion of the Villages Community forest, fishing and visiting the Bardia National Park, observing local attires and Cultural dances, riding cycles through the trials to the forest, watching birds, and swimming in the Karnali river.

And also, you can take part in some indoor activates with the tharu family. You can learn local values and norms and study about tharu origin and history. Some of you may me more interested in tasting local food and beverages, camp-firing and dance.

Cost for accommodation in homestays is nominal.
The cost is Rs 200 ($2) per person and Rs 300 ($3) for two person sharing one room.

How to reach Dallagaon Community Homestay

From Tiger chowk in East-West Mahendra highway, take a left turn and travel 18 km south along the graveled road to reach Thakurdwara. From Thakurdwara travel 5km further to south to reach Dalla Village.

Alternatively, you can travel to Dalla village from Gularia bazaar. Ride 35 km west from Gularia towards Kothiaghat. On the way to Kothiaghat, take a right turn at Orali Bazaar to Orai river. Cross the belly bridge and the Dalla Village is some minutes away.

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