Dolpo Pa

Dolpo Pa

The Dolpo Pa communities are basically considered the groups of people involved in agriculture trading in Dolpa, one of the zones at northwest of Nepal. Being a traveler, you can identify them as the people with a group of yaks at the very peak of Himalayan zones. Literally, Dolpo is the name of that region at a higher altitude and Pa means people. From cultural point of view, they resemble mostly with the Tibetans. Dolpo regions are delimited at the northern end by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

Reaching there

Dolpa is considered one of the most isolated and sparingly inhabited zones in Nepal. Airways is the only way of reaching to these Dolpa regions. Else, you will have to depend upon your foot. Horses are also available, but it takes a long time taking their help. Despite all such daunting facts, the ecstatic beauty of the place drags a fair number of tourist attractions to the place.


Trading is basically what these groups of people do and depend upon, despite the process being extremely tough. They come up with the yaks, goats, etc. along their neighbors for trading. In addition, they also trade salt and seeds. Yaks are mostly used for carrying the trading ingredients though. Undoubtedly, they live at the topmost altitude over the globe.
Obviously, the native product of the region is not adequate to live. These Dolpa groups of people have been trading salt from the Tibet and Nepal, and interestingly they keep etsang ( literally ” nesting place”) relationship at these regions. In fact, researchers suggest every family in Dolpo Pa community has netsang partner. They do so for better trading and traveling activities. Anyway, in return of salts, the netsang partners offer them the grains and asylum.
The netsangs generally make business with each other in accordance with their references. In some cases, these relationships carry on from generations to generations.

It’s improving

However, through the interference of Nepal Government the condition of these people is getting better. Especially, the government is working on travel and therapeutic seed aspects. People of Dolpo Pa community are considered highly adept in identifying and dragging the bests out of these. Anyway, the Shey Phoksundo National Park has been dragging some tourist.

Religion, Population, Language

Dolpo Pa communities of people talk in native Dhol-wa tongue. Due to the scattered living style, it has become very difficult to count the total population of this community. However, it is estimated for their population to be around five thousand only.
These Dolpo Pa community people are basically considered to be following the Bon religion. It is believed that Bon religion arose before Buddhism, and resembles with Tibetan Buddhism. Interestingly, the isolated zone is very keen on maintaining the Tibetan tradition at its finest form.

Dolpa in screens:

Dolpa has been the centre of attraction for many film makers. The Oscar nominated flick Himalaya was shoot at the location. In addition, many documentaries have also been made at this intriguing location. Dolpa has been one of the most favored regions for trekking activities as well.

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