Elephant Polo

Elephant Polo


Elephant Polo: The Numero Uno in Nepal

Nepal and Elephant Polo are quite synonymous. It’s a thoroughly compelling, and pretty much atypical of its kind as well. In fact, people in huge numbers around the corner of the globe gather here to drag the best out of the show. Basically, the game is arranged by the World Elephant Polo Association each year at Chitwan, Nepal. It is here to mention that the organization (WEPA) has its own rules and regulations for the game, pretty much different from the conventional Polo (Horse Polo).

The Distinguishing Parts

It creates a really gigantic scenario when the mammoth animals like elephants run fiercely in a competitive mode. The conditions are different here; naturally, the game differs strategically from the conventional polo. Much bigger polo sticks are used in this game, handling which needs different trickeries. However, the number of competitors in this case is lesser; only four contenders from each side compete with each other. Well, the polo ball is pretty akin to of the Horse Polo. But, the stick being much larger in comparison, one has to know the right techniques to pass on. The game consists of two halves, separated by a break of fifteen minutes. The game starts from the centre of the ground, as the referee blows the whistle. Central circle is generally of fifteen meters. At each half of the game, both the teams change their sides, and so the elephants.

It’s a global thing!

Well, it’s a not a native Nepal game altogether. The championship witnesses teams from all over the globe. Primarily, the fight goes to the next level between elephants of Thailand, Hong Kong, and Nepal.  The delicious recipes prepared for the match has been always the highlighting part of the championship. At end of the day, participants from each side enjoy the wonderful foods at Golghar.  In general, the tournament is arranged between last week of November and first week of December.

It’s a nice touring proposal

Elephant Polo is a nice idea actually to pay a visit to Nepal. You can enjoy the ecstatic view of Chitwan National Park as well. If there is adequate time in hand, you can pay a visit to Meghauli also. However, as they don’t have any fixed schedule, it’s the sole duty of the traveler to be sure about the exact dates when the game commences during November-December.No surprise for the game being one of the craziest tourist attractions in Nepal. It’s not about the foreigners though; a great number of localities also gather at the place of competition. The best part of the game is that as a spectator you can also offer biscuits, nuts, etc. to the elephants as they come closer of the fences.


It’s a fact that Elephant Polo is a pretty popular game primarily in Asian nations. However, whenever someone spells the game, the mind drifts spontaneously towards Nepal.  One can enjoy the highest level of the game from Nepal only. Through the course of game, the elephants make some really quirky moves those are too hard to resist. All you need to ensure is that there is adequate memory in your snapper.

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