Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari


Are you a wildlife lover? Do you love exploring different species of plants and animals? If yes, then without any delay start planning a trip to Nepal for an Elephant Safari in one of the National Parks of Nepal. Prepare yourself to encounter the endangered Rhinos, Tigers, Crocodiles and Birds in the beautiful Himalayan country, Nepal.

Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park are the two famous destinations for Elephant Safari in Nepal.  Chitwan National Park is more popular and near from Kathmandu.

Basic Information

National Parks are traditionally government undertaken but for the sake of convenience, a private elephant safari is allowed to be functional in the same region.
Good news is that both are pretty close to each other, and you can easily bag tickets from any counter you wish. As a suggestion, finding tickets from private counters is a bit easy in comparison. But you should get the national park ticket separately from the government counter. On the other hand, you can find the ticket for national park and safari at one point through government windows. If you are having tickets through government counter, the ride will be of 1 hour. However, you can enjoy about half an hour advantage going through the private counters.

Time and Cost

Four people at max are allowed enjoying the ride here in the national park. Government safaris have two rides; especially during early morning or the later parts of afternoon. And going through the private counters you can have one or a couple of additional options. If you belong to Nepal, then the entire budget is too tiny. For the foreigner, the total ticket cost will be around 6k rupees.

Reaching the Destination

There are two ways to reach Chitwan National Park from Kathmandu, either take a flight to Bharatpur and hire a taxi to Sauraha or take a local bus from Kathmandu and have 4-5 hours drive to Chitwan.
For reaching Bardia National Park from Kathmandu, you can either take a flight to Nepalgunj or have around 13 hrs drive in a local bus to Mahendranagar or Dhangadi. The starting point of Elephant ride is reached after about 5 minutes walk from Bardia Hideaway Cottage.

Have a safe and congenial ride:

Well, these national parks are not entirely dedicated to elephants though. Apart from Elephant Safari, you can enjoy the funky parts of other animals as well, like single horn rhinos, eclectic range of deer, monkeys, birds, etc.
Elephant ride is a pure fun. If there is someone cheeky heart in your gang, ask him/her to do everything, but under the supervision of the mahut (the rider). Primarily, you shouldn’t try to annoy the elephant or any other animal through the process. For the timid hearts, there is nothing to fret really; they arrange steps to climb, if you can’t do it yourself. While sitting, it is advised to position your legs towards the corner of footsteps. Yes, make sure you are done with all toilet works, as you are going to get down of the elephant only outside the park.


It’s a fun time, you can wear anything. But, as you have to pass through well within the cradles of a forest, it is always a better option to wear full sleeve cotton dresses. Communication is never an issue here; you can have plenty of options in the form of taxis, autos, etc. For the shutterbugs, your snapper should be able to capture in low light scenarios, being concomitant with the dense grey look of the park. Having the mentioned points above is pretty enough for a blasting elephant ride in Nepal. So, have a bang and share the experiences!

And also enjoy the abundant local restaurants, jungle side stay, and cultural shows (presented in some hotels/lodges) in these place.


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