Ghale Gaun Community Homestay

Ghale Gaun Community Homestay

 Ghale Gaun Village : The most popular Gurung community homestay in Nepal.

Ghale Gaun is among the best example of community hosmestay based village tourism in south Asia. As this beautiful village lies along the famous Annapurna Circuit trail, it remains crowed with trekkers in the trekking season. The village welcomes both domestic and international tourist to enjoy the hospitality and culture of Gurnung community.

This majestic Village, situated at an altitude of 2070 meters from sea level, is only 205 km northwest of Kathmandu and 125 km northeast of Pokhara. The total houses are about 115 and majority are Gurungs. Gurungs are among the brave “Gurkhas”. Local occupation is farming and animal husbandry.

Attraction of Ghale Gaun Community Homestay.

The villagers welcome visitors with red tika on forehead and garlands.
Visitors are accommodated in one of the villager’s house and home-cooked fresh meal is served. Room are simple but comfortable with clean toilet facilities. Food includes local cusine, pure un-processed milk, curd, gheee and organic cereals and vegitables. And you are treated as a family member.

Traditional dances are performed to welcome visitors. Handicraft exhibition and small enteretenmaent program are also performed. You can take part in local tradition of Rodhi every everning during your stay in Ghale Gaun. And they farewell you in their own traditional way with blessing songs and tika and garland. The warm hospitality of community you experience here will remain in your heart forever.

The view of the majestic Himalayan range and the beautiful hilly village will bring peace in your mind.

How to reach Ghale Gaun:

To reach Gale Gaun, you should travel to Besishahar first. Besishahar can be reached by bus from Kathmandu and Pokhara as well as from other major cities of Nepal. Or you can get off at Dumbre ( a popular stop at Prithivi Highway) and get a local bus to reach Besishahar. Besishahar is around 43 km North from Dumbre.

From Besishahar you can enjoy hiking to reach Ghale gaun through the following route:

  1. Besishahar – Baglung pani – Kapurgaun – Ghale Gaun
  2. Besishahar – Khudi – Simpani – Ghale gaun
  3. Besishahar – Khudi – Ghanpokhara – Nayu – Ghale Gaun
  4. Besishahar – Pasgaun – Bhujung – Ghale Gaun
  5. Besishahar – Bahundanda – Koto – Dudhpokhari – Ghanpokhara – Ghale Gaun

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