Golf is one of the majestic games played over the globe. In Nepal, the game has been in a lot of fuss since past two decades. The nation witnessed its first global tournament in 1993, and it was a much buzzed one for involving robust prize amounts. There is a great scope of the game here in the nation, as the government has been showing incredible interest towards its promotion; considering one of the biggest factor in boosting tourism. In fact, the interest is pretty much evident through the perfectly furnished golf courses along the requisite amenities, like bars, coaching houses, restaurants, etc. On this context, here we present the line-up of the most renowned golf courses of the nation.

Gokarna Forest Golf Resort & Spa

Within the scintillating lush of Gokarna, this is a treat to play a game of golf here. It moreover feels like a European condition here; credit goes to the cozy making environments. The place is well communicable from the capital, Kathmandu. Being an extravagant resort, needless is to fret about any high-end facility. Yes, be prepared to come across with the surprise guests like deer hopping in a funky fashion. The prices here vary anywhere in between 4000 NPR-5000 NPR

Royal Nepal Golf Club

RNGC is considered one of the most professional, and busy golf course of the nation. Despite focusing on making things spendthrift, the management here has been dedicated much towards providing best amenities for the sports. No need to carry the whole kit to the course; you can have those straight from here. The court is pretty much reachable from major airports as well, having renowned hotels around. Prices vary anywhere between 1500 NPR-1700 NPR.

Nirvana Golf Course

Despite being the largest golf course, Nirvana is the most antique of its kind in the nation as well. The course spreads in about seventy hectares. All that you seek for an international level competition have been perfectly arranged here at Nirvana. In fact, the court holds the record of organizing highest number of competitions. It would never be wrong to claim this as the best Asian golf course ever.

Yeti Golf club

Here we come up with other scenic courses of the nation. It feels like the paint work of an artist to be here at the course, and finding the Seti River murmuring and meandering beneath in a passionate way.

Himalaya Golf Club

This is another golf course under the aegis of Yeti, after Yeti Golf Club. The position of the course plays a crucial factor in driving the huge tourist attraction. Being there within the cradle of the Himalayas, and pretty much along the travel destination like Pokhara, it witnesses huge crowds every year within the benevolently chilled environments.

Army Golf Club

Army Golf Club at Gujeshowri, Kathmandu is one of the most disciplined courses. The court having nine holes is pretty antique as well, being there since 1998. However, you have to be a member of the club to enjoy the game. They charge about NPR 1500, which is fixed for both week days and weekends.

Chaudhary Golf Club

As of Army Golf Club, this is also a course having nine holes. However, the court is pretty younger in comparison, being incepted in 2002. Situated at Udyog Gram Dibya Puri, Nepal, this court is pretty open about rental trolleys.

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