Information: Getting Nepal Visa

All you need to know about having Visa to Nepal
Nepal has been one of the tremendous tourist attractions throughout the year. However, being a foreigner if you wish to visit Nepal, it may require various documents, most important of which is the Visa. On this context, we present you an all-out information about having Visa for Nepal.

Where to get VISA:

Getting a Visa to Nepal is never really a daunting task. Any foreigner (except some countries listed below) can obtain On-Arrival VISA at  Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu. However, for those getting into through India border can easily have the visa (on-arrival) at the entries point like Kakadvitta, Nepalgunj, Gaddahowki, Birgunj,etc. And, for those entering through Nepal-China border can have one from Kodari.

nepal map borders and entry points from india

Requisite documents:

One must produce the authorized passport and a recent photo (passport size). It is advised not to have too deep background for your photo.

Charges for Tourists Visa:

It costs US $ 25 (or equivalent) for a 15 days visit.
The costs for 30 days and 90 days of Visa US $ 40 and US $ 100 respectively .
These are multiple entry Visa so, during the tenure of Visa one can visit any place any number of times.

Payment is only accepted through cash. The currencies they accept are, Euro, Dollars (USA, Australia, Canada, and Singapore), Franc (Switzerland), Yen (Japan), and Pound Sterling. It is here to mention that you can’t pay in Indian rupees (INR) or Nepal rupees (NPR), the currencies of India and Nepal respectively for Visa.

For the South Asian nations:

If you belong to South Asian nations, like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, etc, you can get free ( also known as Gratis Visa) visa of 30 days upon visiting for the initial visit in a year ( January-December). You can extend the Visa tenure further post enjoying the free days through the Immigration Department, by making the requisite payments (as mentioned above).

For Indians:

However, the Indians (having Indian citizenship) don’t need any Visa for Nepal. But, they need to produce any of the documents like

  • a passport,
  • driving license with recent photo,
  • a government authorized Photo identity proof,
  • Vote identity proof with photo,
  • ration card with photo,
  • identity card from Indian embassy in Kathmandu,
  • or an identity car with photo by an officer of Sub- Divisional Magistrate rank or higher.

At the same time, you need to produce the requisite documents to Indian Immigration for travelling to Nepal. You can get to know about these documents through your travel agencies.


People from the following nations should collect are not allowed On-Arrival Visa at the immigration points ( as mentioned in Nepal). These people will have to collect from Nepal Embassies or Diplomatic Missions of their nations).


Visa Extention:

It is here to mention that a travel Visa can be allowed for a maximum 150 days in a year, from 1st January to 31st December. You have to extend the tenure (if needed) following the above mentioned procedures. For any concern, or anything you would wish to know, or  Visa Extension / Renew, contacts with the department of Immigration (Kalikasthan, Kathmandu) is recommended.

The Department of Immigration

Location : Kalikasthan, Dillibazar, Kathmandu.
Tel : 977 – 1 – 4429659 / 4429660 / 4438862 / 4438868
Fax : 977 – 1 – 4433934 /4433935
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