Janaki Temple

Janaki Temple

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Janaki temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Sita. Constructed in Rajput style, the temple is situated in the Mithila region of Janakpur. Janaki Mandir, also known as Nau Lakha Mandir is a three-storied temple, completely built with stone and marble.


Nepal is the birth place of the Goddess Sita. King Janak of Treta Yug ruled a specific area called Videha (now Janakpur), in the Ramayana period. He found a baby girl Sita in a field and raised her up as her daughter. His daughter Sita or Janaki chose Lord Rama as her husband during her swyambar (an act of choosing a husband for self) and became the queen of Ayodha. This is also written in Ramayana.
In 1657, a golden colored statue of the Goddess Sita was found exactly on the place where this temple is now standing and it is also believed that Goddess Sita used to live here. The Sannyasi ‘Shurkishordas Nepali’ had once found the pictures or some sculptures of Goddess Sita.
This Janaki Mandir was built by Queen Brisa Bhanu Kunwari of Tikamgarh, in 1910 and the total cost in constructing this ever beautiful temple was nine hundred thousand rupees (nine lakhs), so this temple was named on its construction cost, as Nau Lakha Mandir.

Structure of the Temple

It is a best model of Rajput architecture built in full white and is composed of sixty mighty rooms. It is constructed in an area of about 4,860 sq. feet and is 50 meters high. This is a three storied temple and is considered as the largest and the most beautiful temple in Nepal. All the sixty rooms contain flags of Nepal, some colorful pictures, historical carvings, colored glass, paintings and much more. It depicts a good picture of past or history. This beautiful temple is purely made up of stones and marble and is fully white. The temple encloses a huge idol of Goddess Sita in it, which was found in Ayodha, the kingdom of Lord Ram.


Reaching Janaki Temple

One can reach Janaki temple easily. It is 123 km away from Kathmandu. One can use the local transport, taxi, a bus or railway (from India) to reach Janaki Temple and can reach there with full ease. Small guest houses and hotels for accommodation are available near the temple area.


Festivals and Events

The two big festivals are celebrated here in Janaki Mandir; the Rama Nawami (birthday of Lord Rama in March-April) and the other is Vivah Panchami (the wedding festival). Thousands of pilgrims visit the temple during November and December for Vivah Panchami which the marriage anniversary ceremony of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. The occasion is carried out in a Mandir called as Vivah Mandap, which is on the same site where the real marriage of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita was held. Lord Rama married Goddess Sita here. The statues of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita gets married again on this day every year. The whole temple in Vivah Panchami is decorated like a wedding hall. Oil lamps burn the whole day and all the other temples and monuments of the area are also decorated.
Other festivals include Deepawali (the festival of lights, celebrated in November), Dashain, Holi (the festival of colors), and Chhath. Every year a large number of pilgrims visit Janaki Mandir for pilgrimage from Nepal, India, Bangladesh and other countries. A larger number of pilgrims are seen during the festivals of Ram Navami, Vivah Panchami and Dashain (Dushaharaa).


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