Krishna Mandir

Krishna Mandir

Krishna Mandir Patan Lalitpur

Constructed from stone completely, the Krishna Mandir was built in 1637 by King Siddhanarsingh Malla. It was built in the Shikar style and is supposed to be the first temple of Shikar style in Nepal. Krishna Mandir is dedicated to the Lord Krishna. It is the only temple having 21 pinnacles in Nepal. The temple is situated on the western side of Patan Durbar Square.

Krishna Mandir Patan Lalitpur

The Temple Structure

There are three tiers underneath the 21 pinnacles. Garuda (Lord Vishnu’s mount) kneels on the top of a column, facing the temple. The stone beams on the first floor narrate the events from the Mahabharata in Newari script whereas the second floor highlights the scenes from the Ramayana. The first floor enthrones Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva on the second floor and the third floor dignifies Lokeshwor. The local Brahmins manage the temple. Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter the temple. Musicians can be heard singing bhajans.


According to the legend, one night, King Siddhanarsingh Malla had a dream. He dreamt that the deities Krishna and Radha were standing in front of his palace. So, he ordered a temple to be built on the same spot. There is replica of Krishana Mandir inside Sundari Chowk courtyard. A decade later, after the construction of the temple, the King got victory over the neighbouring kingdom after he called upon Lord Krishna to conquer his enemies. Thus, the replica was made in appreciation.


Krishna Janmastani, Lord Krishna’s birthday, a major festival that falls in the month of Bhadra (August-September) is celebrated here.


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