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Delights of tasting the Nepali Momos

Momo is a fantastic spicy lolly with the perfect shape to fit well within the mouth perfectly complemented by the spice plummeting impudence. Dietetic, pocket friendly, and easy to prepare and eat, all these characteristics perfectly meet with Momos. It’s very hard to control the tongue witnessing a perfectly garnished momo packed with subtle gravy (chatni). Well, in Nepal they offer other color full combinations like any green/red chatni combinations.


It is believed that Momos are introduced among Nepali through the Newars. Being the greatest traders’ community of the nation, it is speculated that Newars got the preparation ways of this recipe while trading at different zones. However, to convince others as of a new brand, or presenting it like a new thing, they modified it through the usages like meat or fried vegetables. Especially, the dish is quite popular among the hilly regions of the nation. What so ever, the dish has now conquered the whole country.


Though the dish has primarily got a fast food reputation, but, it can well be a dinner item as well. In Nepal, both the vegetable and non-vegetarian momos are popular. The ease in preparation and delicious taste has made the success quite rampant. Apart from the meat options like chicken, mutton; for veg momo, the filling options can be of cheese, mushroom, or paneer.
Talking about the meat filling options, it can be anything like mutton, chicken, pork, beef, etc. However, it is recommended and favored to go with the comparatively softer tasting options. Hence, the chicken momos are mostly preferred than the rest. Some prepare momos, the filler meats of which are usually the boneless portions, usually the fats. Despite not being a cool option from the fitness point of views, this has become overwhelming successful due to its delightful taste. In fact, Nepali momos these days are coming with fantastic combination of both vegetable and meats.


Hence, it is spelled about the momos, the picture of steam momos pop-up spontaneously. However, the fried momos are getting huge attentions these days suiting perfectly with the meat flings. Be it the vegetarian or meat momo, it is highly important that these are thoroughly chopped or cooked in absolutely small pieces. His is important as the outer cache itself is quite soft, an again put in to steam or fried. Hence, having bigger pieces, imperfectly cooked holds ever chance to split the outer cover.
Steaming is one of the most technical parts while preparing a momo. Primarily, the water level of steaming should be kept exact. Upon offering excessive watery surface, the outer coat might be too dumpy. Again, having lesser water might lead towards offering a half-baked momo.


These days the momos in Nepal are not limited within the hotels and restaurants. It has well become a homely affair. The challenging part is to prepare the wrapper, as the filler can be anything of your choice. To prepare the best cache, it is important to make the combination of flour and water as thick as it is possible being a newbie. You can later add water upon finding the fluid softer. Post rolling the wrapper, the fillers (fried vegetables or meats) are placed in center and sealed gradually by keeping on winding. Later, if it is a steam momo, then the pouch containing the filler is steamed with boiled water, else fried for a fried momo.


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