Much developed Newari culture in Nepal

Newari tradition is considered one of the most influential ones among all in Nepal. This populace of the Kathmandu valley and the zones adjacent to it are said to be having great hands in momentous civilization in the nation. Newari populations count about 1.4 millions in Nepal. The particular group is said to be contributing about six percent of the total population of the nation.
Religion and Traditions
Historians say the zones around the Kathmandu valley and those adjacent to it used to be the parts of ancient Newar realm as well. Perhaps this is the only ethnic group in the nation, and so over the globe that has maintained its existence without any derivation. However, some groups like Licchavis are said to be immersed within Newari community accepting their traditions and idiom. It is said that Newari culture was hugely influenced by the Vedic cultures and languages, especially post kingdom eras. Anyway, at today’s date, they are primarily categorized under Indo-Aryan and Tibeto-Burman. Talking about the religions, they either follow Hinduism or Buddhism.
Newari tradition is said to be having a great role in developing the contemporary civilization along the daunting zones like Himalayan territories. Apart from this, they are believed to be having great hands in developing art, music, agriculture and cookery.


Newari tradition is known for its higher ceremonial values observing various festivals through out the year. Obviously, most of these fall within the category of Hindu and Buddhits holidays. Dasain is one of the most important festivals in Newari culture. It’s a yearly festival that consists of the rituals like feats, services and celebrations.
Tihar is another prominent festival being celebrated as the New Year’s Day. Mha puja is performed on this eve, for gaining strength and purity in mind for the coming days. Bhai Tika is also a premiere occasion that involves the ritual of respecting the brothers, doesn’t matter of your own blood relation or other. Indra Jatra is a festival in which one child is dressed as the goddess and two others as Ganesh and Bhairav move on a march through three cars on the streets of Kathmandu is also a most observed one among the community.
Apart from this, the festivals like Pahan Charhe, Jana Bha Dyah Jatra, Bunga Dyah Jatra, Biska Jatra also involve similar rides and parades. However, Sithi Nakha is a festival observed with an intention of cleaning the water resources. Paanch Chare is also another major festivals observed during the Chaturdashis in the month of Chaitras (spring).


As it has been mentioned above, the Newaris are pretty contemporary at their way now, which can be thoroughly reflected through their clothing. However, the traditional clothing is still quite alive. Talking about the cultural costumes, men usually wear trousers or elongated shirts and married women wear saris and blouse. However, the famous traditional wear for the girls are the nice colorful gowns. The Newari shawls are also considered to be of highest qualities, being one of the major tourist attractions. Apart from this, the red boot made up of clothes also has been too distinguishing and attention dragging for the tourists. Newari men and women both love to wear the bracelets.

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