Osho Meditation

Osho Meditation

osho meditation in nepal in taboban


“Most of us live out our lives in the world of time, in the memories of past and anticipation of future. Only rarely do we touch the timeless dimension of the present-in moments of sudden beauty, or a sudden danger, in meeting with the lover or with the surprise of the unexpected.” Osho

Osho (Rajneesh 1931-1990) was an Indian mystic, guru and spiritual teacher who was very famous among the youth in his time for spirituality.

For the lover of Osho, Osho meditation, Nepal offers incredible meditation centers in different part of the country. Thousands of spiritual seeker from different part of the world come here, to take part in week-long to even one month long intensive Osho meditation Programs. Osho Tapoban and Osho Vatika are two most recommended community meditation centers, with their branches in different part of the country with accommodation facility.

Prominent OSHO Meditation Destinations

Osho Tapoban:

Osho Tapoban is one of the prominent centers for Osho meditation in Nepal and so over the globe. There is no specific timing though; one can visit here anytime throughout the year. However, if you are interested in being part of the blissful experience in here during the festive season, then it’s recommended to book the place earlier. Within the elevating surroundings of Nagarjuna hills, it’s a heavenly experience to practice meditation here. Being situated in the capital, Kathmandu, access is never  an issue to reach the place.
For more information: http://www.tapoban.com/
If you are in Pokhara, you can visit Osho-Upaban located in Dobhilla, 4km south from Pokhara Airport.
For more detail: http://www.tapoban.com/
If you are in Lumbini, you can visit Osho-Jetban just 1km from Lumbini.
For more details: http://www.oshojetban.com/

Osho Vatika:

Osho Vatika located at Baluwatar Kathmandu, just 2.5 km from Thamel. It organizes various Osho Meditation Programs. It has its centers in other part of county too.
For more details: http://oshovatika.com/
If you are in Sauraha, Chitwan you can visit its center  Gangotri Dham there too. For more details: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oshodhara-Gangotri-Dham

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