Sherpa: The inhabitants of the Everest

The most distinguishing part about the Sherpa community is that they don’t have any surname. Call it unity or whatever, but this is incredible. Literally one can get about their geographical location. Splitting Sherpa, Sher means east and Pa means people. In short, Sherpa means people from the east. Maximum of Sherpas belong to eastern Nepal. Apart from this, some of they are also found in the Rolwaling Valley in addition with Helambu Zones. However, originally they are from the Solukhumbu district.
Sherpas mostly speak the Tibeto-Burman idioms, but different from the way Lhasa Tibetans speak. Most of the Sherpas belong to Buddhism, and the next most followed religion among them is Hinduism.

Adventurous and Nature Loving

Sherpas are considered extremely privileged trekkers. Undoubtedly, the most favored mountaineer guides belong to Sherpa community. Especially, these guides are highly looked for Everest climbing. Sherpas are having a great interest in veiled resources, may be this is why they are so adventurous. Anyway, Sherpas also have beliefs in various deity worships. They consider the great Himalaya as the most sacred places on the earth. In fact, they term Everest as the mother of the earth. Apart from this, they respect Mount Makalu as Lord Shankar.


Sherpa men prefer to wear the full sleeve ceremonial dress known as Kitycow. They fix a cloth as well; at the waist regions called Chhuba along with an another piece known as Kara. Through the process they arrange a pocket like space that can be allocated for keeping regular stuffs. Generally, these are made up of the wool. Apart from this, men also wear jackets.
Women wear pretty similar as of the men, but even longer (just touching the ground), popularly known as Tongkok. This is having the half sleeve edition of it as well for hotter days. The half sleeve edition is generally worn along a blouse. Apart from this, women put on beautifully colored aprons as well. In many ways, they have the resemblance with Tibetan attire, with little modifications.

Highly Social

Belongingness is the greatest thing about the community. Once a male in family gets married and have child, the entire community offer help for building home. The neighbors play their part in offering food and man power. Sherpa homes are pretty distinct having the fields within. They allocate separate places for spiritual practices, pets and human living. These houses are generally not preferred to be sold. The roofs of the houses are patterned in accordance with the weather conditions of the particular geographic location. Sherpas love the animals a lot. Hence, arrange homes of equivalent quality for them as well. While preparing home, they love to use predominantly the natural ingredients.


Sherpas are highly spiritual. Families with good financial conditions general have adequate space for the holy idols and cultural stuffs. Prior initiating the home construction and entering for the first time, they perform traditional puja rituals. Sherpas value the friary a lot. The best about this can be realized upon visiting the Solukhumbu regions. These are the places where the monks leave the materialistic desires and practice spirituality through the search of truth.

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