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Skydiving is an exhilarating sport that demands nerve of rock, but at the same time, promises a bohemian experience; something you can call the true way of celebrating freedom, breaking the barriers. The participants downpour from the airliner and reach at a specified point post enjoying the stirring process of enjoying the gravity, blended well with the parachute ride. And, when it comes about recommending the best skydiving destination, nothing fits best than Nepal. There are two places to enjoy skydiving in Nepal, one is Everest and another is skydive in Pokhara.

Skydiving at Everest

Skydiving can’t be any extreme than falling freely from a gigantic high of about 30,000 feet. The divers primarily land at Syangboche airport. No doubt, these are the highest place where the humans operate their fun activities. Also, this is going to be like an experience of lifetime.
The nerve wrecking fall offers you some of the stunners of sites, like the quaint Sherpa settlement along a husky mate like Everest, offering the requisite background effect. There are other startling highs, hardly any other ways other than these are available to witness which.

The Journey for the Dive

Good news is that Skydiving from Everest is something that is taken place each year. Especially, things have gone really passionate post smashing success of the event back in 2008. Foreigners can fly straight to Lukla. From here on, they have to go for a few trekking expeditions to Namche.
If you are a part of team jump, then people get together with each other and chill a bit. Next, they need go for a trekking to Syangboche for having the test jumps under the thorough supervision of a guide. Once your performance is felt satisfying according to the tutor, you are allowed for the free fall.

Skydiving at Pokhara

Pokhara is another fantastic destination for skydiving. There are many camps those offer skydiving assists here at the prominent skydiving destinations in Nepal. Best part is that Pokhara is considered the most favorable destinations for skydiving by the beginners. In addition, the natural ornate of the place has been thoroughly satisfying.

Distinguishing Pokhara

Apart from skydiving, you can enjoy the ecstatic tourist zones of the tourist paradise, like Annapurna range, and Dhaulagiri around the zones of skydiving. Most of the skydiving activities at Pokhara are taken place at Pame Danda. This is the zone at a height of about 12,000 feet (or more) from where the participants will have to jump from. Jumping from a regal high and witnessing the tranquil views of the valley ambling down it’s a time you need to put the wraps of any and every kind of fear. You can capture these endearing moments while free falling as well with the help of the guide.
Pokhara has been distinguishing about skydiving being one of the finest stations for solo jumps. At the same time, this is a perfect place to take part in other trekking activities nearby, being easily reachable. There is every arrangement of mountain flights from here as well.
Post reaching at Kathmandu you can rush towards Pokhara directly. However, you can stop in between at Trisuli River to grab the amusements of rafting activities.

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