Swayambhunath Stupa

Swayambhunath Stupa

swayambhunath stupa in kathmandu nepal


Swayambhunath Stupa is considered one of the most revered Buddhist pilgrim sites. The antique pious architecture located at the top of a hill in the Kathmandu Valley, at the west of Kathmandu has been one of the most visited tourist attractions. It creates a tranquil environment through the eclectic range of trees around the hill. Perhaps, this is the reason that the name is popularly known as ‘Sublime Trees’ among the Tibetans.
While talking about Swayambhunath, the picture of a stupa, an assortment of shrines and temples come in to picture. Incredible and astonishing fact here is to mention that the place has been charming the same way since Licchhavi period. Apart from the natural ecstasy, the place treats the tourists with fascinating Tibetan monastery, museum and some really funky monkeys.

The Stupa

The centre of attraction about the stupa has been the eyes of Lord Buddha decorated over it. However, the most attractive is the one in Devanagari in the form of a nose. Despite being situated at a great peak, the visitors can enjoy every facility of shops, hotels, etc. The most interesting part about Swayambhunath is its admittance. There are a couple of admission points. One is an extended set of steps; about 365 steps are there. The other one is a car way around the mountain from the south that directs towards the southwest entry point. The step path though takes you straight to the prime destination of the temple that is stretched from the peak of the mountain to the east.

The Vajra

Upon reaching the top of the flight of stairs, the first thing that you witness is the thrilling view of Vajra. It is something absolutely adrenaline as a view and relishing as an experience. Vajra is a gigantic thunderbolt sword/staff. The view can leave you mouth opening. From the rear end of Vajra, you can view something an enormous, circular pallid dome of stupa. It’s like a complete firm dodge, at the pinnacle of which you can find a couple of colossal eyes of Lord Buddha witnessing the tranquil valley. You can find the multi-angled gates above each of the sides having the idols carved in those. At the rear end and on top of the gate, you can find thirteen tiers. Again, at the top of each tier, there remains a tiny room, from above which you can find Gajur.
It’s been a hub of the Buddhist spiritualists. There are different tales around the place that talks of many charismatic experiences. However, it is much populated at the contemporary days, having many schools for Buddhism followers. The place is also considered quite sacred for the Hindus.


Swayambhunath is also visited a lot for the celebrations observed. The most celebrated festival observed here is Buddha Jayanti during summer, in the month of April-May. Losar is another most celebrated festivals observed during February-March. The lotus shape made by the monks has been the centre of attraction for the visitors here. Apart from this, Gunla is also one of the most festivity occasions during the months of August-September. The festival is observed for one month as a occasion of the end of monsoon.


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