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swayambhunath stupa in kathmandu nepal

Swayambhunath Stupa

Swayambhunath stupa is considered one of the most revered Buddhist pilgrim sites. The antique pious architecture located at the top of a hill in the Kathmandu valley, at the west of Kathmandu has been one of the most visited tourist attractions. It creates a really a tranquil environment through the eclectic range of trees around the hill

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budhanilkantha temple kathmandu

Budhanilkantha temple

Budhanilkantha temple is housing a large sleeping statue of Lord Vishnu which is considered as the largest stone carving of Nepal. This large sleeping statue of Lord Vishnu, which is black in color, is made up from a single block of black basalt and is resting over water pool which is thirteen meters (42.65 feet) long and the statue itself is five meters long. This Licchavi-style statue of Lord Vishnu was made in the 7th or 8th century in the Licchavi period

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Changunarayan Temple Bhaktapur Nepal

Changu Narayan temple

Changunarayan temple is of great importance as it is the oldest temple located in the Kathmandu valley and number two; it is enclosing a huge statue or idol of Lord Vishnu with ten heads and ten arms, which was built in 5th century. After entering the temple you feel like if it is a house of statues as it is enclosing a lot of statues within it, especially of Lord Vishnu as Narayan which is also known as Narsinga, a must to watch, and as Vikrantha/Vamana, which is a six armed sculpture. Each statue has its own story. Garuda , built in 5th century, who kneels down with his hands folded, and is covered by red powder and tikka because of a special festival. This beautiful statue is resting in between a golden colored doorway in the Changu Narayan temple.

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Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath: The holy destination of Lord Buddha Boudhanath, being situated at about three and half miles in north-east periphery of Kathmandu, has been one of the most sacred destinations for the Hindus and Buddhists. It has an enormous mandala that turns it one of the biggest stupas in Nepal having a circular shape. There are [...]
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