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Changunarayan Temple Bhaktapur Nepal

Changu Narayan temple

Changunarayan temple is of great importance as it is the oldest temple located in the Kathmandu valley and number two; it is enclosing a huge statue or idol of Lord Vishnu with ten heads and ten arms, which was built in 5th century. After entering the temple you feel like if it is a house of statues as it is enclosing a lot of statues within it, especially of Lord Vishnu as Narayan which is also known as Narsinga, a must to watch, and as Vikrantha/Vamana, which is a six armed sculpture. Each statue has its own story. Garuda , built in 5th century, who kneels down with his hands folded, and is covered by red powder and tikka because of a special festival. This beautiful statue is resting in between a golden colored doorway in the Changu Narayan temple.

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