Fun loving, artistic and traditional Tamangs in Nepal

Tamang groups of people are mostly found along the Himalayan territories of Nepal. However, their inherited region is known as Tamasaling. They are residing in the northern part of Kathmandu valley. The conventional Buddhist Tamang is considered the biggest Tibeto-Burman ethnic communities in Nepal. They count about more than 1.4 million in the nation.

Highly traditional

Inter cast marriage is allowed in Tamang community. However, there are a great number of subgroups of they those don’t believe in this. Tamang people are known for their enriched cultural values. In fact, despite the large urbanization, these groups of people have still kept things intact in terms of tradition. They are the groups those completely believe in Buddhism.

Lifestyle and Income

When it comes about cultures, Tamang communities are naturally very celebrative. They hold an affluent culture in art, especially in terms of music and dance. In fact, they are naturally very funny and amorous in nature. Tamangs value a lot about the fun activities.
The Tamangs in an overall way, within the conventional patterns, are quite self-dependent when it is about arranging foods. Farming has been their prime source of income. Mostly, they cultivate their own land.


Tamangs are quite distinguishing in terms of look. Males (including men and boys) normally wear a complete cloth wrapped round the hips, and sometimes sleeveless clothes up to knees. In winters though they wear the wool winter wears. However, the distinguishing part is the knife (locally called Khukuri) that always remains through the support of waistbands, especially during the village meetings. Females mostly wear the conventional saris and blouse. But, they are quite ornament loving, especially the nose rings.

Skilled Artists

When it comes about art and crafts, Tamangs are very much skilled. They love to conserve the great craft works for years like an asset in a pretty cultural way. Especially, the wool winter wears by them are hugely popular. Tamang women craft the open front sweaters and these days are seen to be selling in Kathmandu towns. They also craft the sweaters and jackets for the boys.
Apart from this, Tamang groups of people are very good in bamboo crafts. They craft incredible bamboo containers those they use in keeping seeds and foods for longer while. The construction of leaf umbrella is also quite appraisable.
There is never a scarcity in terms of finding an adept hand for wood or metal works. In addition with preparing delightful pots of woods, and soil, these groups of people are too adept in terms painting on it as well. Specifically, the Lamas (the Buddhist priests) are too skilled in such painting works. There is a great demand of such paint works

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