Thur people of Nepal


Tharu is one of the most populated communities in Nepal counting about 7 percent of the entire population. This ethnic group is indigenous to the Terai (southern plain bordering to India) region of Nepal from east to the west.

Very talented farmers and painters

They are good in planting and cultivating. Apart from cultivating those like rice, mustard, corns, they hold the expertise in harvesting various vegetables, therapeutic herbs. Part from this, they are quite expert in hunting and fishing.

They love to live in an isolated zone through their own traditions. However, they are quite artistic, which is easily gettable through the tinted rice pots and vividly dyed exteriors and interiors of their houses. Interestingly, they use the resources like soil, manure and grass for the purpose. More artistic is something that they prepare, more chances hold for it to be used in spiritual activities.

Exemplary Badghars

Some of the Tharus have a special interest of living in gigantic houses with great number of family members. Incredible is to see that the way the entire family share properties, hard work and love with each other. Such large families are often referred to be as the Badhghars. In fact, one of such Badghar is chosen as the leader of a village or of some for one year. The Badghars take care of various activities in the village starting from development to cultural maintenance. These Badghars also select the priest or Guruwa for the village.

Tharu irrigation: A display of incredible leadership, management and unity

Appraising is something the way Tharus manage to thousands of hectares of areas in western Nepal without using the contemporary technology. In fact, about more than hundred years back they have built irrigation channels of more than hundred kilometers in the Kailali and Bardiya districts of Nepal. More interestingly, the irrigation canal is allowed to be used among different villages. The Badhgahrs choose people for managing and maintaining the above canals. It is here to mention that the Badghars do these things without any price. Unbelievable for a contemporary person, but sometimes other people help the Badghars free of cost as a symbol of respect.


Tharus are extremely dedicated to their language. A typical Tharu person talks only in his Tharu language. However, in western part of Nepal and at certain zones of Nepal, they speak in a language that is a kind of blend between Hindi and Awadhi. The Thrus in central Nepal talk in Bhojpuri.  In fact, some researchers suggest various languages have originated from Tharu. More interestingly, studies say that Tharus were there even prior to Indo European civilization.

Marriage and religion:

Tharu marriages earlier used to be fixed even during the pregnancies of two females. However, this system is disappearing and Tharus are enjoying conventional marriages including love marriages.

Tharus believe nature as their god. According to statistics, most of Tharus belong to Hindus, and rest are Buddhists.

No Malaria for Tharus!

The mouth opening part about Tharu lies within their aptitude to endure even in the extreme lethal malarial zones of Terai. In fact, many researches have been conducted about their ability, and most of they also astonished to find the immunity level of these Tharus. These researchers term the immunity as genetic rather than anything due to religious practice.


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